Saturday, April 18, 2009


This past week Thailand celebrated their new year called Songkran. And how do they celebrate this holiday? Basically with a huge 3 day country-wide WATER FIGHT! Everyone joins in throwing buckets of water, shooting water guns, rubbing white powder on cheeks, spraying hoses, riding on trucks with huge tubs of water, and generally just rejoicing, partying and being drenched all the while! This year my friends and I went to one on the main streets in downtown Bangkok called Silom, there were soooooo many people there just filling the streets:
And of course we were properly prepared and attired for this occasion: bathing suits were worn under clothes, sunglasses worn to protect our eyes, waterproof bags or Ziplocs carried our money, phones placed in waterproof cases worn around the neck, floral patterns are seen everywhere, and of course the ever-so essential water gun! Now some people go for the biggest or most powerful guns, but my other fashion-conscious friend and I of course opted for the cutest ones- a superman and a turtle water gun! (There were also minnie mouse, mickey mouse, and winnie the pooh guns!)Lastly here a picture from a beauty editorial inspired by Songkran from a Thai publication called The Magazine. I love it- it definitely captures the Songkran look and feel! Everyone should get to experience this fun, crazy, amaaaaaazing event once in their lives!

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