Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Visitors Must Be Amused

I have always been in awe of Karen O's out of this world costumes and today I stumbled upon the designer of all these incredible pieces- Christian Joy. Joy has designed most of the Yeah Yeah Yeah singer's costumes for her performances and also magazine features. Her pieces are bold, creative, and showcase Joy's fantastic imagination! However she also has a ready-to-wear line for those who are not quite as daring as Karen O. This line is much simpler, but has great construction details, interesting silhouettes and maintains Joy's great sense of originality. If you want to see more of her costumes or collections go to her official site HERE. In February this year Joy had her first solo exhibition at the Audio Visual Arts gallery in New York's East Village. For this show, entitled The Visitors Must Be Amused, Joy decided to be resourceful in her surroundings, which basically consisted of a huge pile of left over scraps from her past projects. She used these materials to create innovative and striking representations of female beings based on descriptions given to her by friends and family, who in return interpreted her piece and incorporated it into a photo or creation of their own. The pieces are so vastly different and so inspired that no description could do them justice, so below are my 3 favorites shown along with the description that they gave to Joy (click to enlarge).

Black Lacquer Smile, interpretation & description by Karen OAlien Space Suit, description by Marci Leiseth & Eduardo JaurezGhost With Boo Sign, interpretation & description by Nick ZinnerThere are many more stunning pieces- have a look at the rest of the exhibition HERE.

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  1. love the yeah yeah yeahs!!!! she has a fantastic voice!