Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photographer Profile: Hedi Slimane

Hedi Slimane is definitely one of my favorite photographers. When I discovered his online photographic diary a few months ago I was entranced for hours! I could not stop looking at his photos and I think it is because they are just so pure and honest. They do not try to stand out or be overly dramatic and henceforth they have such a beautiful genuine quality to them. I love the peace and serenity they capture, it's as if he catches a glimpse of someone in a private moment. It was so hard to pick my favorites but below are some of them, rest assure there are many more which you can see HERE.

I love this set because even though there is a lot going on with futuristic lights and crazy masses of ribbon they are still serene and calm. They maintain that honesty that Slimane is so masterful at capturing.

This next set might just be my favorite, but trust me that's a tough call to make. They are of a group of young guys and girls and I just love their sincerity. I feel like the photos truly encapsulate a piece of who these people are, just a mere glance into their lives. I also love how the simplicity of them only enhances their beauty. These pictures make me crave to be photographed my Slimane, which says a lot because I HATE getting my picture taken. There are so many more entrancing photos in this set HERE.
Lastly here are some images from Slimane's Rock Diary, which is made up of 3 books of photos that capture today's rock stars (including Pete Doherty, Amy Winehouse, The Cazals, Arctic Monkeys, The Kills) and their young fans. Slimane not only aimed to capture the rock 'n roll lifestyle but also the current youth's strong connection to music and how their identity is deeply bonded to it. By the way my birthday is in August if anyone wants to know what to get me!
(All pictures via Hedislimane.com)


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  2. I don't know some how the first 3 photos give me a strange unpleasant feeling...

  3. Wow, I knew Hedi Slimane was a designer, but not a photographer also! I like the first three also, real interesting!

  4. The pictures are so beautiful, I'll have to sit down and look through his entire site!


  5. i love his photos. everytime i look at his pictures i am just amazed. every pic is good. i haven't found a bad one.