Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fast Fashion

I think it is really important that great fashion is readily available and affordable for everyone, especially in this economic climate, and I love that more and more brands and stores are now offering more reasonably priced items. Everyone should be able to express themselves through fashion at any price, and it's definitely smart to buy trendy items at a lower price because in a flash they will be out of style! I think Target does a great job with this, they team up with great designers like Johnathan Saunders and Alexander McQueen (shown above respectively). I also recently discovered this fantastic collection they have called Go International. The concept behind it is to offer the must-have trends of the moment at great prices ranging from $17 to $45. They call it 'fast fashion' since every piece is sold for only a limited time and new designs come in quickly, so you can always go back and find something fresh! Below I picked out my favorite designs. I love the 'bandleader' vest- it's a good way to get that Balmain look and the grey bustier top is spot on with the inner wear as outer wear trend and has an Alexander Wang feel to it. The collection also has a great selection of dresses varying from cute and young styles to a more sleek and sophisticated look. I especially adore the grey and black blocked strapless dress and the watermelon colored tiered dress. Check out the rest of their collection HERE.

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