Friday, April 3, 2009

Fashion in the Streets of Bangkok

I love the way people dress in Bangkok, there are so many unique styles including, girly, androgynous, Hi-So(Thai slang that means high society), indie rock, hip hop chic, bohemian, oh and of course the abundant backpacker look, I could go on and on- suffice to say there is a little bit of everything! This is why sometimes I just love people watching, you get to observe all the different trends and admire the wide range of fashions- it's inspiring! I am planning to do a street style shoot soon, but now I'll show you these street shots I found in a Thai magazine for teenagers called Cheeze- click them to enlarge!

You can check out Cheeze magazine online HERE


  1. bangkok has a very unique street style. i think i need to visit there someday.

  2. This is so interesting! Your mother recommended your blog to me (we both use Etsy), it's great! I was born in Bangkok but lived in the UK since I was 2, so don't really remember it... I always wondered what it is like now as I only had a vision of people walking around in sarongs!

    Looks very trendy indeed.