Thursday, April 16, 2009

Style Profile

There are so many things I love about my first style profile pick:

1. Her name is adorable- Tennessee Jane Bunny Thomas
2. She is a drummer- something I have always wanted to do
3. She is a vegetarian- as am I
4. She's in an all-girl band called The Like- great music and they have toured with 3 of my favorite bands: Kings of Leon, Phoenix, & Muse. Check out their really cute official site HERE
5. Her boyfriend- the ever so stylish producer Mark Ronson
6. Lastly but most importantly, her style- It's simplistic yet adorable, quirky and fun! I adore her black & white spectator flats, little basket purse, knee-high socks, & huge black-rimmed glasses. I also like how she plays with patterns: stripes, polka dots, flowers & my favorite, leopard print! They way she dresses makes her seem so likable, fun, & witty- it makes me want to be friends with her! Check out some of her outfits below as well as video of The Like opening for Phoenix:

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