Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around

While flipping through a 1995 issue of Vogue Italia it struck me how many things seemed to fit in with the current trends. Fashion really is cyclical and this is one of the reasons I hate cleaning out my closet! Styles almost always come back into fashion and right now I'm wishing I didn't throw out my denim jacket a while back! Anyways here are some pictures from the 90's Vogue Italia next to similar trends and styles from today.

Low-slung backpacks: Fendissime & Alexander Wang
80's frills: YSL Rive Gauche & Louis Vuitton Fall 2009
Revealing shoe shots: Bottega Veneta ad & fashion photography by MI-ZO
Houndstooth coats: Anna Lisa & McQueen Fall 2009


  1. i'm regretting many throw-outs too. a cut-off denim vest is one. sigh. i like the 90s. and your blog! thanks for visiting mine. i've added you on Twitter and will add you to my blogroll. good luck in ny, it sounds like fun!

  2. fashion is so cyclical. you never know what to throw out and what to keep.

  3. The backpack is my fave out of the one's you listed.

  4. this is why i hate throwing stuff away!

  5. yeah..i hate throwing stuff away tooo!!!
    but i think i gave it to charity..so i think it does make me feel better...
    also i miss my wide legged pants..since its back in fashion now..see u soon girl!!