Sunday, May 24, 2009

Invention, Design, & Function

"Timeless style is the definition of modern fashion"
That quote is from the revolutionary Norma Kamali, who started making her mark in the fashion industry in the 60's & 70's. She created innovative designs like the sleeping bag coat and parachute clothing and today she is continuing to evolve and push the envelope. Norma has so many amazing skills, she knows how to flatter a woman's body and also is an expert at including functionality in her designs, but also she strives to empower women and give them more confidence. I think this is such an amazing design philosophy and looking through her looks I can see how she achieves this. Her clothes are sexy, stylish and classic, and they all seem to have a great sense of strength and power to them.
Her swimsuits are gorgeous- feminine, retro, and sexy. Though I know I wouldn't be able to pull some of them off, many of them look as if they would flatter many body types.
Her skirts and dresses are fun and flirty. I really love her use of studs, fringe, and even safety pins!(Click to enlarge to see the neck and sleeves of the 1st dress below and 1st bathing suit above) She also offers a lot of career looks, like the navy blue suit below which is so stunning and chic!
Another amazing skill that Norma has is her ability to continually evolve with the times. With the economic recession she is involved with 2 different ventures that aim to allow people to continue to shop without having to spend a fortune. First she is offering a 'Try before you buy' option which gives shoppers the smart alternative to try out the clothes for 48 hours before making their final decision. Norma explains that this will help people to avoid emotional buying and spontaneous spending. To add on to this, for the past 2 years she has also been collaborating with Wal-Mart to create an affordable chic line of casual and career pieces. The clothes are very reasonably priced with most ranging from $15 to $20. She offers some great basics for work as well as some really cute casual/athletic wear that I would love to wear to dance class or the gym. I am also planning on getting the amazing, versatile 'All-in-one top' that can be worn 8 different ways!
I just really love when designers see that everyone, of any financial background, should be able to purchase fashionable clothes at reasonable prices. I have always felt this way, and now with the economic downturn more and more designers are finally stepping up to the plate. As Norma so brilliantly says on her site:
"Through the Wal-Mart stores and website I can reach more people and affect more lives than in any other venue...This project allows me to think out of the box, and with new ideas, practicality, and price, it could be the most exciting opportunity of my career"

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  1. These outfits are fabulous. The black cut-out dress is pretty amazing - I wonder how practical it is if you want to lift your arms a bit higher? I like how you have a lot of timeless pieces, but a alot of them also have a unique twist. The All-in-one top is a great idea!

  2. I'd love to own all of these pieces, their epic, just epic!
    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneons x

  3. Hey girlie! thanks for visiting my blog! I like yours as well! <3

  4. i love the dress with the attached arms!