Monday, May 4, 2009

Reduction, Perfection, Expression

I am absolutely in love with the above images- the very 1st one on the left is definitely my favorite! But all of them are so beautiful, and kind of remind me of that scene in My Fair Lady when they go to the races and everyone's dressed to the nines in black & white- it has that lady-like sophistication and glamour, but with a bit more edge. These photos are from jewelry designer Majo Fruithof's latest lookbook and were taken by Patrizio de Renzo. I love how the use of black & white allows the jewelry to be highlighted and displayed so well- the colors of the gemstones simply pop out at you. It all just comes together quite perfectly- the creative makeup, the chic and refined poses, and the superior glances, all work collectively to display Majo's exquisite pieces. After exploring her site, there is no way I can describe her jewelry better than the designer herself. When explaining her designs she brilliantly writes:

"There is an irresistible fascination in interpreting materials and shapes within the context of individual beauty. From clear structures, reduced in their contrast, exciting new ideas evolve which underline the radiance of unique personalities.
Converting those ideas into reality requires creativity and craftsmanship at the same time.
When precision and perfection go hand-in-hand, surprising effects arise which only show themselves when they are touched. What appears to be static design reveals itself as silky soft and flowing."

To see the rest of her lookbook and more detailed pictures of her jewelry go to Majo's site HERE.

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  1. I really love the second and the third

  2. love this and your blog!

    xoxo Lala

  3. They are really amazing, the silhouettes and the strength of the shapes is breathtaking!