Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Ultimate

Dazed and Confused June 2009: shot by Mark Pillai, featuring robotic, armour-like designs from the Fall 2009 collections

(Pictures via Trendhunter.com)


  1. hi, thanks for stopping by.
    great blog
    Hope to hear you soon Iole

  2. I really like this editorial. Most of these clothes are not wearable for the everyday person, but they make fashion fun and imaginable.

  3. hey thanks for the blog comment :)

    this editorial is amazing.
    I would love to wear stuff like that everyday haha

  4. Awesome editorial! One of my favorite things about fashion is when designers don't just make clothes, they make art. They set trends and break trends at the same time. So amazing! These pictures rock!
    Thanks for the comment<3

  5. whoa great examples of fashion art pieces, brilliant!

    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneons x