Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sheena the Punk Rocker VS Dorothy of OZ

One of my dreams is to be a stylist so I am currently working on a project to help show my styling 'abilities' for my portfolio! I am working with my friend Kat, who is amazing at hair and make-up, to style 2 different shoots. So here are the mood boards I created for my 2 completely different concepts(click to enlarge!):

The first one is going to be really dark, edgy, and rock 'n roll but still chic. Kind of like Courtney Love's messiness mixed with Kate Moss's fierce chicness- punk, but with a more stylish and glamorous feel!
The second one was inspired by Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz! It's going to be really young and fresh, filled with a rainbow of colors, patterns, ribbons, flowers, and bows.
Look out for more updates on the developments of this project soon!


  1. woohooo!!!loves it...
    i will send this link to my godfather
    and will send u the make-up and hair soon..
    ill find references..and yeah..check the facebook album WICKED in my profile...the album i was tagged in...its the latest photoshoot!!
    see u soon gurl!!

  2. love the dorothy inspired one soso much

  3. i love both of these boards i hope your portfolio turns out great