Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mermaid Dolly Partons

I looked through most of the shows from the recent Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and with out a doubt the funnest, most interesting, and most creative show was Romance Was Born! Set at a wharf the models walked out in front of huge display of undersea creatures and treasures, mirroring the ocean inspired theme of the designs. There is no way I can properly describe their crazy spectacular pieces, but so you can get some sort of an idea there were men with doily beards, tops with eyes, glamorous mermaids, and even a purple crocheted squid headpiece! What I particularly loved was the attention to detail from head to toe- the shoes were covered in shells and the nails encrusted with pearls. (Click to enlarge)
Also the hair and make-up was fantastic, each look matched the colors of the clothes perfectly- I especially loved the coral eyebrows!
It was just such a fun collection, and the designers offered a lot of cute wearable pieces without giving up their creativity. And the more I saw of the collection the more it reminded me of an episode of the Mighty Boosh where they meet a fisherman who is obsessed with putting shells on everything from his shoes to his wife, I loved it!

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  1. Thanks for the comment! I'm so happy to have someone from Thailand visiting the blog!
    This collection is funky and fun, I love it! I have to check out more photos from Aussie Fashion Week, for sure! :)