Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hey Ho, Let's Go!

As I mentioned before I've been working on styling concepts for an upcoming photo shoot and today I tried out some looks for the rock/punk theme. I've had a lot of ideas, but I can only pick 2 outfits to use and I still can't decide! HELP! I would really appreciate any feedback, comments, or suggestions, thanks!

This is the only outfit I know I want to use, and thanks to SixSixSick for their DIY slashed dress idea!
I like this lace dress because it has that 'pretty in punk' feeling and looks really good with spiked cuffs covering the arms! I'm also thinking about putting it with knee-high boots...
The dress and tights outfit was inspired by Alexander Wang and the other outfit...well I just think a leather jacket looks so sexy with nothing underneath!
These are two other dress options- I'm obviously a fan of leopard print and I like the other one because it looks like a blurry picture of city lights at night. I don't know if they are striking enough for a photo shoot though...


  1. LOVE the cutout dress, what're you wearing underneath? Nude slip? Or nothing, HOW BADASS!

  2. Have you decided yet? I think you should go with the dress and tights (inspired by A. Wang). I think it's the most bold choice, esp. with those tights. Love it. Good luck!

    xo, Becs

  3. Soo..is these what are you told me last time?
    Great job,dear..
    Those outfit are really inspiring. I love them..

    I add you to my link list,is that okay?

  4. I like the first and last. I would definitely where the last myself.