Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Anna Sui + Gossip Girl = A New Target Collection!

Anna Sui is following in McQueen's footsteps and will collaborate with Target this fall. Sui said that when she travels people all around the world are talking about Gossip Girl, so her collection will be inspired by the show's 4 girls- Blair, Serena, Jenny & Vanessa. I think this is a great idea because each of these characters has such a distinct style so the line will have something for everyone! And I think Sui is definitely the designer for the job as over the years her collections have offered a variety of styles from boho chic to rock 'n roll. The clothes will be made from materials like metallic jacquard, silk, herringbone, and chiffon with tulle, lace, and sequin detailing. Sui's designs are scheduled to hit the store September 13 and will be sold through October 17. I am especially excited for this collaboration because I will finally be in the States and will at last get a chance to buy something from it! My anticipation has led me to eagerly go through Sui's past shows and pick out looks that I thought fit each Gossip Girl's character!





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