Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Working 9 to 5

So my 2nd day in NYC I landed a fantastic internship and I'm loving every minute of it! I think the only thing stressing me out about this new job is finding something stylish and chic to wear to work every day. This is especially difficult since I am not living in my own place yet and so all my clothes are in 4 very unorganized suitcases. Anyways on to the point of this post, while browsing through my favorite fashion sites last night I found two collections that I would love to wear to work. Unfortunately as I am only interning now, I will not be able to afford these clothes for a while, but at least they can inspire me when I get dressed in the morning!

Firstly I stumbled upon Chloe Sevigny's line for Opening Ceremony, which was designed brilliantly to be unisex. The collection is made up of clean basics that when styled together create simple, yet effortlessly chic looks for men or women. The black skinny pants are especially cute when paired with the pink plaid button down and I love the sleek look of the wide-leg pants as well. I also like the scarf pullover sweater, which shows influence from one of Chloe's favorite designers, Miguel Adrover. All these pieces can be easily mixed and matched with one another or other items in your closet OR even your boyfriend's closet, since as Chloe shows us here unisex is the new black!
The second collection that I would love to wear to work is a more affordable diffusion line from Swedish label Minimarket, adorably called Mini for Many! I love the colors incorporated into this collection, the bubblegum pink, silver, and rich orange combine wonderfully with the neutrals. There is also a great variety of styles including skinny pants, flirty summer dresses, sleek pencil skirts, and striped espadrilles. Oh and these images are definitely making me want to try out the equestrian cap! Overall I think Mini for Many is full of fun and sweet pieces that are still chic and smart enough for the 'fashionable' office.

(Pictures via Openingceremony.us and Refinery29.com)


  1. hey lady, congrats on the internship! where are you working? i'm looking for a new internship or a job in PR, preferably in fashion. do you have any advice? thanks so much xoxox

  2. Welcome back to the states and good luck at your internship. Your line about what to wear reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada ;-) I love the wide leg pant look..takes me back to my youth, they were so instyle back then. Just proves..what goes around..comes around!! Have fun in New York and eat a Black & White for me ;-)