Friday, August 21, 2009

Christopher Kane for Topshop

I don't really shop at Topshop too much, I admire from afar but I shop there very seldom. I think it's kind of overpriced, especially since a lot of the items are so trendy that they will go out of style soon. However, I just laid my eyes on Christopher Kane's latest collaboration with Topshop and I may just have to start saving my money now. I love so many of the 39 pieces Kane created for the store, not to mention the shoes are gorgeous! Here are my favorites below, now I just have to decide which one piece to spend my money on...perhaps the crocodile dress, but I bet every girl will be walking around in that one (there's a tee version too), so then maybe one of the beautiful black dresses, but I already own a lot of black, so maybe a colorful baby-doll dress or the embellished tights are also a big contender. I just can't pick one, but thankfully I have a couple of weeks until the line hits stores to decide!

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