Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sweet Child of Mine

Vogue Nippon - August 2009

I love love love this editorial for several reasons:
1. It was shot by the amazing Terry Richardson, who I actually saw walking down the street in Soho today!!!!!
2. I love her hair, I have bangs like that now so I just have to grow out my hair a bit more to get that length.
3. I love the nose ring, usually girls use a stud or jewel for their nose ring, but I like it this way, too bad I took out my nose ring last year.
4. Black is my favorite color
5. I love the clothes especially the outfit in the 3rd pic
6. Abbey Lee Kershaw is gorgeous

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  1. That is a great shoot. Really bold pictures. And I agree, her hair does look great!

  2. its gorgeous / ilove the hair and makeup