Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Drop It!

I recently found one of the best sources for Tokyo street fashion. It's called DROP and it is updated daily with tons of photos of Tokyo's most fashionable men and women. I love the wide variety of trends you can find here from sophisticated to punk to sweet & girly. I also love the adventurous sense of style in Japan, you can tell that they just love to play with fashion. I think we should all take a cue from them once in a while!

(Pictures via Dropsnap.jp)


  1. I absolutely adore Tokyo street fashion. It's so fresh and out there. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to go check out this site now!


  2. these pictures are awesome!
    congrats on your cirque 21 purchase, that line is really fun.
    love your layout! mmm leopard print :)

  3. they are so adventurous. it's great b/c it makes you more creative.

  4. Thanks for the site! Tokyo definitely has the most innovative and stylish people - I guess they're just not scared to try out new stuff and don't feel like conforming to any trend. Awesome images!