Thursday, July 2, 2009


Back in May I posted my predictions for Anna Sui's collaboration with Target and now the pics of the actual collection are finally here. Overall I think my picks were pretty accurate and I can't wait to buy some of these pieces when they come out in September! Check out how Sui created 4 different styles inspired by Gossip Girl's 4 girls (click to enlarge):

I think this is pretty right on for Blair- the blue shirt dress would be great for school/work and the white lace number is so sweet!

I really love the 2nd dress, the embellishment on the neckline is so unique and I also like the jacket and skirt oufit, I would definitely wear that! However I think this line could be more 'Serena', it needs some more color and a little more boho chic.

I think Sui got it right for Jenny except I think Little Miss J would accessorize more to add a bit more edge. The lace dress with the diamond cutout is my fave and I like the layering of the 4th outfit.

These outfits are cute but I don't understand the sole use of autumnal oranges and browns. I think Sui could have mixed it up a bit more here to show Vanessa's eccentric mix and match style.


  1. i thought these were all cute looks but i think she could have done better with the serena picks.

  2. blair and vanessa are spot on!! thanks for checking out my blog natalie, i love yours! i linked it on mine.