Friday, July 17, 2009

McQueen Resort 2010

My constant summer traveling and staying at places with no internet has caused me to miss out on my favorite designer's latest Resort collection! Thankfully I am now settled in Florida for about 2 weeks and finally have an internet connection. So at last I was able to lay my eyes on Alexander McQueen's 2010 Resort collection and I LOVED it! This is not much of a surprise to me because I basically love everything this man does. His latest pieces were inspired by art, which can definitely be seen in the Pollock-like paint splatters and geometric MC Escher prints. My favorite piece is definitely the first yellow & black dress, I think it's so stunning! The bodice fits so immaculately that it looks like a tattoo on her collar bone and arms. I also like how the sweetness of the yellow and the softness of the flowing skirt combines beautifully with the harsher, black tattoo-like print. This print is used later on in the collection on leggings, which I would love to own! I also like the cool, casual look of the paint-splattered pants outfit (those jeans would be a great DIY project!). Another thing I really like about this collection is how it's soft and feminine and at the same time strong and edgy; the contradiction really works here. Overall I think this is a strong collection for Resort as the pieces are much more wearable, but still maintain McQueen's unique and rebellious style.

ps. I really really really love this clutch from McQueen. I wear rings like that everyday so it would be a perfect clutch for me. This is definitely going on the dream list!

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  1. Wow!!!! That is one amazing cluch, I am quite speechless!!! I was checking out the McQueen Faithfull clutch - with the biker glove attached but this is just so much more fantastic I can hardly cope!!
    Ive added you to my links list - more people need to be aware of your eye for spotting the good stuff! I really like the tattoo effect on the 1st and 3rd outfits too!x

  2. i love that last dress. it is my favorite out of the whole collection.

  3. Wow, that clutch is absolutely amazing. Love your blog - it's so vibrant x

  4. obsessed with the tattoo print tights & i LOVEEE the brass knuckle clutch. so badass! :)