Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Architectural Creations

I don't think I've done a post yet dedicated to one shoe designer, so this will be my first and I'm very glad to dedicate it to Raphael Young. I have just discovered this Korean-born designer but he has actually been working in the business for a while creating shoes for Yves Saint Laurent. In 2008 he launched his own brand of shoes and he takes pride in the high quality of his pieces. Young's shoes are architectural creations and as he explains they "require precise studying of the geometrics, balance and harmony in the volume and dimensions". I love the strength and power in his shoes, I think any woman would feel confident and in control if she just slipped these on. His last three collections are shown below and the latest one seems to have futuristic inspirations. I love this collection, it is so fierce, and I hate using that word but these shoes deserve it! They look like shoes fashionable robots or superheros from the future would wear! I think the black wedges are my favorite, they are so sleek and modern. To see more from Raphael Young check out his site HERE.

FALL '09


FALL '08

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  1. Really dig those wedges with all the leather stringy straps.

  2. ooh Ive never seen his collection before, these are gorg!!

  3. i loveeeeeeeeeeeee architectural shoes. these are fabulous!

    really enjoying your blog.

  4. Wow! Some of those shoes look more sculpture than footwear! Love them, what a talented designer..

  5. Those are some great shoes! I really like the first pair and the wedges. Very strong shoes!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!

  6. the shoes are becoming gorgeous nowadays...

  7. I like these shoes. They are so badass. I can see Rhianna wearing the red boots.

  8. Thanks for your comment!
    I have seen part of this collection, but I haven't seen all of it, like the second to last picture. Amazing shoes they have, these are badass indeed!