Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zip Me Up

I give to you the 120 Zipper Dress! This dress created by Sebastian Errazuriz was named appropriately as it is entirely made up of 120 zippers. I love it! You can zip and unzip it in all sorts of way to create a variety of different styles. I want one!!!!!!!!!


  1. wow this is truly amazing! Thank you for sharing, the dress is incredible!

  2. I am fascinanted by this its amazing! I hate to think how complicated it was to make! Really like your blog..thanks for the comment!x

  3. wow, thats so amazing and creative, i love it! thanks for sharing;) and thanks so much for teh blog visit and comment too!

    xx raez

  4. Very cool! I had a bag that was the same sort of thing... I wonder if it's comfortable?

  5. OMG! is this true? i want this dress so bad...
    oh my....
    i'm still staring at this pict. ♥

  6. Very interesting dress!

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  7. I love this dress, such a cool idea!