Saturday, June 20, 2009

Top 10 Resort Collections

I still don't have internet set-up so bare with me, but here is mega post to make up for the lack of blogging! First of all how great were the Resort collections this year, I am loving so many of them! Overall the designers seem to have a much more optimistic viewpoint this time around. The collections are fun and full of life, and also very wearable. This made it very hard for me to choose my top 10 favorite collections, but I finally managed to decide so here they are in no particular order:

1. Alexander Wang- Wang continues to create young, fresh, easy-to-wear pieces, but always with his unique edge. In his Resort collection I can see a bit of influence seeping in from his recent GAP collaboration, ie the khaki trench coat. I would love to wear all 4 of these outfits, although I think I would put something under that first white top!

2. Lanvin- Mr. Albaz was inspired by Acapulco for his resort collection and it shows brilliantly in the bright colors and the fun playful energy. There was also a great range of pieces as the designer explained he wanted to offer something for everyone from the beach bums, to the urbanites, and even the brides!

3. Preen- My love for Preen's simple sophistication continues to increase. Their dresses are sexy but not slutty, and while highlighting the female form they reveal just the right amount of skin. I love the mix of colors used in this collection and any of these dresses would be just perfect for a night out!

4. Proenza Schouler- The Schouler boys' usual skate and surf inspirations combined with Tahiti flavors for this collection due to a recent trip they took. I like how they adapted this theme for their 'city girls' target market. Their influences were seen in the details, ie the scuba suit color blocking and the island blues. This ensured that they would still please the urbanites with versatile, chic pieces.

5. Marc Jacobs- Another fun, colorful collection for Resort season from Marc Jacobs. I love the young, yet sophisticated look with the bright florals and mini dresses. I also like the range that offers cute, fresh pieces for day and metallics for night. And of course the asymmetrical gold dress is stunning, but I don't know if anyone could make it look as good as Kate Moss did at the Costume Institute Gala.

6. 3.1 Phillip Lim- "She's a pirate", this is how Lim described his Resort collection and why I fell in love with it. The soft mix of whites and neutrals was a breath of fresh air, but Lim didn't lose sight of his rocker girl either. The lace seen throughout the collection is just beautiful and I love how it's set against the black giving it a tougher edge.

7. Stella McCartney- I'm become a bigger fan of Stella these days, and I just adore her Resort collection. It's fun, young, energetic, yet still sleek. The lace jumpsuit is heavenly and I love the mustard hue of the skirt with pockets. I have also been looking for a great sweater dress and there were many great ones to be found in this collection. It was really hard to pick just 4 pieces I loved because there was such a fantastic variety of color, print, and style!

8. Thakoon- This resort collection would make a perfect summer wardrobe! It's light and fresh with a great mix of bright colors and soft neutrals. I also like the use of different florals with some being delicate and muted, while others were vibrant and dynamic.

9. Diane Von Furstenburg- Here is a Resort collection that is a little more daring and bold. I'm loving the jewel tones and the cheeky girlish look that Ms. Von Furstenberg has created this season. It's cheerful and playful, but of course still sexy. The prints and ruffles are delightful and I have been dieing to get my hands on a pin-up style swimsuit like this pink & orange leopard printed one!

10. Rag & Bone- I really like this collection and picked it because I would wear a bunch of these pieces. However it almost did not make the list because overall I think it mimics Alexander Wang's style with the gray sweats and denim on denim. But I guess that's besides the point, as it does have that downtown, cool "I just threw this on" look to it which is very popular right now. And I will admit that I sometimes I strive very hard to get that look.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I love your selections above, my favourite being Rag and Bone and DVF, oh my!

    You have a darn cute blog xoxo

  2. rag & bone, Stella McCartney = My love!!

  3. I have to say I'm loving everything! So fabulous ...faves are Balenciaga ...and Vuitton.

  4. these were al good collections. lanvin is always great.

  5. I adore the rag and bone except for the low crotch pants, and the stella mccartney is lovely too.

  6. I love, love the Marck Jacobs, Phillip Lim 3.1, and Stella McCartney collections. Gosh their all amazing!

  7. oh my never seen thakoons new in love!

    camille x

  8. Wow super agree with your top 10 esp a. Wang, Lanvin and Stella McCartney! I super love Bangkok!! I found lots of cheap but smashing clothes there..=) thanks for your comment hope to see you again..=)