Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marko's Lady Macbeth

Marko Mitanovski is one of the most exciting up and coming young designers, in my opinion. Since his debut collection entitled Lady Macbeth in 2008, this Belgrade designer has been compared to the likes of l'enfant terrible- Alexander McQueen and the ever so theatrical Gareth Pugh. It is clear from the title of his first collection that Marko is heavily influenced by historical costumes. Lady Macbeth was inspired by the Renaissance and Elizabethan eras taking into consideration their silhouettes, accessories, structure, and embellishments. However, Marko definitely made them his own, for instance he added punk and S&M elements that created a stunning 'dark glamourous' look. He also interpreted and played with different historical elements in his own way, such as the Elizabethan ruff which he enlarged to the extent that it almost covered the whole body. His silhouettes beautifully emphasize the female form and his attention to detail is immaculate- he even designed the shoes to ensure that they would correctly depict his theme. I really love this collection- one of my favorite classes was Fashion History, so I find it fascinating to see how designers are influenced by the past and how they translate it into their designs.

(Pictures via Ftape.com)


  1. This is quite fascinating. Love the headgear on the model. His clothes are definitely dramatic and theatrical, but I really like it. Its a nice change from the usual glamorous pieces you see from other designers.

  2. i don't remember seeing this collection but i like it especially the pants. they are killer.

  3. Beautiful.. so original! And pictures are great.