Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meet Elizabeth and James

If you didn't already know, Elizabeth and James is Mary-Kate and Ashley's label that they launched in 2007. They named it after their brother and sister and it offers chic contemporary pieces with a mix of casual and dressy and masculine and feminine. This is one thing I love about their clothes, they blend the menswear inspired pieces really well with softer girly pieces.

Another thing I really like is MK and Ashley's aim for this label which is "to narrow the gap between designer and contemporary clothing". Their clothes are incredibly well-made and effortlessly chic, yet they are priced much lower so that women who cannot afford expensive designers can still get great quality and style. I love that the industry is starting to offer more and more fashion forward clothing at reasonable prices today. I think fashion should be affordable and available for everyone, and that is even more necessary now with the economic situation. It shouldn't be about showing off the brand you are wearing, but more about just having your own style and putting it together well. And I think MK and Ashley definitely understand this-they know how to style their outfits so well with a good mix of vintage and contemporary clothing. They always look unique and incredibly chic.

I love the latest Elizabeth and James collection and the way its styled and portrayed on their site is really cute! Above are my two favorites-I love the drape of the gray skirt and the color of the blazer and I never would have thought to pair them together. If you know me you know I just love black, it always looks so chic and it's flattering, so I really like the chic sexiness of the black outfit and the bow bracelet is adorable. Have a look at the rest of the collection HERE

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