Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Got All My Sisters With Me

Since I live in Thailand I thought it would be nice to showcase some of the talented fashion designers we have here and I'm going to start with Stretsis.


Stretsis was launched in 2002 by three sisters- did you notice that Stretsis is sisters spelled backwards! Pimdao is the head designer and she graduated from Parsons and worked with Marc Jacobs before creating her own line. Her two sisters joined her to help with marketing, PR, and jewelry design. The Stretsis style is very girly, sweet, young and fresh. They use a lot of fun,whimsical prints, nostalgic details, and soft fabrics. I don't always like dressing up in frilly pink clothes, but when I do get that urge to feel really girly Stretsis clothes are the perfect fit. Since their start in 2002 the brand has really taken off globally, they now have stockists all over the world (USA, Asia, Australia, Europe), have been featured in various US magazines (Elle, Teen Vogue, In Style), and their clothes have been seen on celebs like Rachel Bilson and Leighton Meester who wore one of their coats on Gossip Girl-shown below.

Autumn/Winter 08:
This collection was called Parallel Universe and it was very earthy, yet ethereal and mystical at the same time. The whole style could be described as enchanted, dreamlike, and mythical, yet Stretis was still able to maintain their trademark sweet, girly details. I love the digital printing of various animals like owls, unicorns, and deers, they reminded me of Camille(Childhood Flames) who wore a similar print HERE. I also really liked their structured, yet feminine, coats and the way that they layered their pieces together to create some great looks.

Spring/Summer 09:
This collection was entitled School of Rebellious Sweethearts and was inspired by traditional uniforms from old royal heritage to newer modern day prep schools. And since rules are for breaking Stretsis used bold prints and short hemlines to dress their rebellious school girls. I loved the use of trompe l'oeil and I liked how they still kept their signature style but also roughed it up with a little edge this time. I thought this collection had a really good range from day wear to fun frilly prom dresses, and from pants and shorts to sweet garden party dresses. See my favorite pieces below.

For more information including stockists and past collections check out their website:
(All pictures from - click to enlarge)

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