Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Pop Magazine- Shot by Paolo Roversi, featuring Lily Cole and Jessica Stam

I apologize for the continuous posting of just editorials, I actually have a lot I wanna post about, but unfortunately due to a crazy busy work schedule for NY Fashion Week and my constant moving from friends' places, I just don't have the energy to write anything barely intelligent or worthwhile. Tonight I finally moved into a place for good though, so maybe I'll post something a little more interesting soon, that is if fashion week doesn't kill me, but for now I feel exactly like this editorial- spent!

(Pictures via Fashiongonerogue.com)


  1. congrats on the move and i love this editorial.

  2. what a hilarious editorial, i love it

  3. That is great! So you! Haha :)
    You are too clever!

  4. AAh I love this editorial!! Reminds me of my friend who isnt fashiony but I was dragging around Milan, on oggling a gorg Chanel suit in the window, she says 'that looks like something an old granny would wear' LOL. I was in hysterics, bless her and her unfashionable ways!

  5. i loveee this editoriall!!

    those green shoes in the last picture are hysterical lol



  6. i just started my classes to become a fashion journalist/stylist so excited! i have to style a shoot for a project.